5 Great Reasons to Support Wakeman BGC

1. Membership and program fees cover less than 50% of the Club costs to administer programs and maintain facility operations. Even those who pay full membership and program fees benefit from the generosity of hundreds of individual donors, foundations, and businesses who support us each year. 

 2. State and federal funding is steadily declining. The Club currently receives less than 4% of its annual budget from government funding. State and federal support for Boys & Girls Club programming continues to decline, which means we rely on individuals now more than ever before to subsidize program costs at the Club.

3. We play a meaningful role in developing tomorrow's leaders.You don't have to look far in the community to find teachers, doctors, town officials, business owners, and countless other Club alumni who spent their childhood days at Wakeman BGC and credit the Club for putting them on the path to success, and in some cases, saving them from dire consequences. Within our Clubhouses, you'll meet teens who are the first in their families to graduate high school and attend college, middle schoolers who found their passion for volunteering, and many others who count on the Club for a safe place to learn, play, and grow. 

 4. The Club's footprint is expanding. With two clubhouse sites (one in Southport and one in Bridgeport) and two school sites at Fairfield elementary schools, Wakeman BGC also has exciting plans to rebuild the former North End Boys & Girls Club on Madison Ave in Bridgeport. Wakeman Boys & Girls Club's presence and impact within the greater community continues to evolve. Bigger feet require larger shoes and larger shoes cost more money...One more reason to consider supporting our Over The Edge event!

 5. Every donation - large or small - can make a difference. Together, all donations add up to more than $1.9 million each year to support life-changing programming for our community's young people.

Wakeman appreciates all of our committed donors and hopes to see you on October 16!