Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Is there an age requirement?

People of any age can participate in an Over the Edge event. However, anyone under the age of 18 requires a parent or guardian signature on the legal waiver, as well as a parent or guardian on site the day of the event.


2.     Is there a weight requirement?

Over the Edge’s equipment safety standards require that people must be between 100 and 300 pounds to rappel safely.


3.      Do I need to have rappelling experience to participate?

None at all! We will coach you and help you to feel comfortable on event day. All you need is the courage to step Over the Edge in support of Wakeman Boys & Girls Club!


4.     Number of Total Rappelling Spots:



5.     How many stories will I be rappelling?

18 stories (230 feet)


6.     What are the fundraising levels and minimums?

Individual Rappeller                                                                   Minimum $1000

Register at this level if you are an individual just “representing” yourself as a fundraiser.


Fearless Leader (Company or Organization)                          Minimum $3000 (2 spots)

Register at this level if you are a company or organization and the fundraising effort is on behalf of your workplace.


Chicken Coop VIP (no rappelling)                                            Minimum $500  

Register at this level if you are an individual who DOES NOT want to rappel, but still wants to join in and raise money for Wakeman! Chicken Coop VIPs who achieve their minimum goal of $500 will be treated as VIPs on event day!


7.     How do registration fees work?
We require a registration fee of $50.00, which will go towards your fundraising minimum. We charge a registration fee since there are a limited number of spots and we are seeking rappellers who are committed to supporting Wakeman!


8.     Is there a deadline to raise the minimum amount?

The fundraising deadline is the day of the event. If you have not raised your minimum by this time, you will have the option to sign a credit card guarantee in order to secure your spot on a rope. Your card will be charged the difference between what has been raised and the minimum. You will still be able to continue fundraising for 30 days past the event, at which point we will credit your card back the amount that has come in since event day.


9.     What time will I rappel on September 16?

Two weeks before the event, you will receive your scheduled time to rappel. You may request a morning or afternoon slot, but we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate specific times.


10.  Are there incentives to raise the most money?

Yes! There will be recognition and prizes for our top fundraisers. Set your sights high (pun intended!) and remember that every dollar raised means Wakeman will be able to continue to offer great programs to our members at all our Clubhouses and Outreach sites.


11.  What if it rains on September 16?

We plan to rappel rain or shine! However, thunder, lightning, or high winds can cause a weather delay or a postponement of the event to a different date.


12.  Where should I park on the day of the event?

Parking will be available in the People’s United Bank Parking Garage, which is attached to the building and accessible from Water St/North Frontage Rd.  There is also metered street parking throughout downtown Bridgeport.


13.  What will the day of the Over the Edge event be like?

The final details are still being worked out, but plan on a festive, fun day filled with food, music, and beverages. Rappelling begins at 8am and ends at 5pm but the party goes all day! Each rappeller will be announced when they rappel and cheered when they land. Bring your friends and supporters!