Have I gone over the edge?

Not yet, but I hope I will!  With your support, on Sunday, September 16, I will rappel down the 16 floors of People's United Bank building in downtown Bridgeport.


Because I am committing to raise $1,000.00 for the Wakeman Boys & Girls Club - a club for youth that began over 100 yrs ago.  "Helping our members become caring, responsible citizens is our passion.  Everything we do, every conversation we have, and every program we offer supports this deeply held mission.  Every child has the potential to be great!"

I need your support to get to the top - then I'll go "over the edge" and rappel down 230 feet.

How can you help? By making a 100% tax free donation to my link: https://otewakeman.com/bob-ault/

Thank you so much for supporting the Wakeman Boys & Girls Club - our youth need and deserve the guidance and support that Wakeman provides!

Bob Ault